Creeds and Confessions

The historic creeds and confessions of the church are our confession of faith – a faith we share with the one, holy, apostolic church throughout history and around the world.

Ecumenical Creeds

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The ancient ecumenical creeds give expression to our unity with all Christian churches throughout history. Our faith has content – historical, objective content. These creeds express the content of our faith in the good news of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Reformed Confessions

As we confess the Christian faith, we do so as a church that is rooted in the Reformed tradition. Our confessions (known as the “Three Forms of Unity”) are summaries of the Christian faith, summaries that unite us with Reformed Christians around the world. They do not replace the Word of God; indeed, they are subservient to God’s Word. They are our response to what God has promised and taught us in his Word – a confession that we make together as a church.

The Authority of Creeds and Confessions

As a Reformed congregation, we emphasize the authority of the historic creeds and confessions of the Church. We do not read the Bible as though we are the first ones to do so. Instead, we humbly honor the wisdom of those who have come before us.

But even as we emphasize the genuine authority of the confessions, we are careful to remember that our doctrinal standards are in submission to the Word of God. Indeed, our confessions themselves make that very point.

Neither may we consider any writings of men, however holy these men may have been, of equal value with those divine Scriptures, nor ought we to consider custom, or the great multitude, or antiquity, or succession of times and persons, or councils, decrees or statutes, as of equal value with the truth of God, since the truth is above all: ‘for all men are of themselves liars, and more vain than vanity itself’ (Belgic Confession, Article 7).

We believe that the Bible is fully the Word of God, and that everything we need to believe for salvation is sufficiently taught in it.

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