Church Education

It is an important part of the church’s ministry to teach her members the content of the Christian faith. We live in an anti-intellectual age, but it is essential that the church maintain this counter-cultural part of her life.

“But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.” (Titus 2:1)

Evening Catechism Service

We gather together a second time each Lord’s Day (at 6:00 PM) in our Catechism service to study the Word of God as summarized for us in the historic Confessions of our church. We do not study the Confessions instead of Scripture. Rather, we use them as a means of studying God’s Word with the church, humbly making use of the wisdom of those who have gone before us.

Sunday Catechism Classes

In addition to our evening Catechism service, K through highs chool students meet Sunday mornings for age-specific training in the Catechism. The younger students work on Catechism memorization and a broad overview of the story of the Bible, while older students discuss what they are learning in the evening Catechism service.

Evening Class

On the second Thursday of each month (September – May), the pastor teaches a class for the whole congregation. All are welcome to attend this study, currently working through several books.

Men’s Study

On the third Thursday of each month (September – May), the pastor teaches a men’s study, currently working through Given for You by Keith Mathison

Other Opportunities for Study

In addition to the official teaching ministry of the church, several members meet at church or open their homes to provide opportunities for informal study and discipleship: book clubs, bible studies, and discussion groups.

Contact us for information about these and other opportunities.

Nampa, Idaho